Charter on Why It Doesn’t Like Competing

“When I talked to the FCC, I said I can’t overbuild another cable company, because then I could never buy it, because you always block those,” Rutledge said at the recent MoffettNathanson Media & Communications Summit in New York. “It’s really about overbuilding telephone companies.”

And there it is.

31 Sites for Completely Free Stock Photos


It goes without saying that people like looking at pictures of stuff. Blog posts and sites with images also tend to perform better. I find myself looking for images a lot and one thing I’m not up for doing is paying a lot of money for royalty-free photos for my low volume Web site or personal projects. If you’re reading this, you’re likely in that same boat so without further ado, here’s 31 sites that offer 100% free, high-quality stock photos covering various subject matters.

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The International Beverage Bonanza

Fresh carrots apple juice

Some say Americans get all the good stuff. I don’t know who those people are, but they’re probably crazy. The real winners are the non-American countries. Just about every other country in the world gets awesome flavors of Coca-Cola–without HFCS no less–and America is left with garbage. I suppose a few locations source the good stuff like Club Cool at Epcot.

They also get some pretty oddball choices.

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The Dolby Atmos(phere)


I watched my first Dolby Atmos movie, tonight, and had to come home and write about it. This isn’t a long post, as I don’t have a ton to say and I don’t want to get into the super technical details.

Paired with the AMC Prime experience, I’ll start by saying this: it was awesome.

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Internet Arguments: Even Garbage Fires Can be Extinguished


It might not seem like it, but every argument on the Internet has a winner. While everyone can agree there’s always going to be Internet fights, there’s a little bit of secret sauce you can apply to come out on top, so long as you’re ok with laying waste on a metaphysical level. I’m not talking about an actual disaster, but what I’ve learned over the years is actually pretty good advice.

Also, let’s be clear here. This is completely tongue-in-cheek. I wrote this because to me it’s an interesting topic that everyone can relate with all too well. If you get offended by this, I can’t really help you. You can email all you want. If it’s unsubstantial, I’ll probably just delete it, to be honest.

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On Going Back to Regular Books


Last week, I bought my first regular, good old-fashioned book with the intent of reading it in longer than I can remember. It felt satisfying, but it make me think about how technology has progressed in my daily life (I’ll cover this more in a future post). In regards to reading material, I haven’t picked up a digital book or magazine in months. The last digital magazine I bought was over a year ago.

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How Facebook Ads Find You


If there’s one thing that people will never stop complaining about, it’ll be ads on Facebook. Well, I take that back. They’ll stop complaining when Facebook is out of business.

Have you ever wondered how advertisers ended up targeting you, as a Facebook user? I did, then I discovered a small feature that I don’t think many know about.

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Fitbit, You Frustrate Me


Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of my Fitbit device. I like the idea of accountability. It may not motivate me to be more physically active, but that’s okay.

My problem, nay my supreme life struggle lies with getting my Fitbit to sync. It’s almost as if it was designed to not work.

Let me explain.

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